Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What movie will be playing on (insert date here)?

A. We book movies on a week to week basis so we can get the best possible film for that week.  Being a single screen theatre, we have to be very careful about what we choose to book as it is our only product.  Therefore, we cannot book films months in advance because we never know how well a film is going to do.

Q. Why do you have to play some movies so long?

A. When we book a film on national break, we have to enter into a contract with the film studio that tells us how long we have to play a certain film.  The contract length can vary from two weeks to four weeks.  When we book a movie that is a few weeks old (usually in the off season) the contract is typically one week.  The rules are the same for all theatres, but you may not notice it as much in a multiplex as they can rotate an older movie into smaller screens when they start to decline.

Q. How can we get some information on private showings and/or theatre rentals?

A. You can email us at, and we would be happy to give you any information you would want.  Theatre rentals are available for $350 and up.